The handsome pirated Prince

I had these ideas about Arabic prince from one of pre-90's American TV series, Sister (I'm not really sure), long ago. That they were handsome, dark, slender, for short, all fit.
That impression stayed rooted in my head.

Then one day there was this guy, our classmate. I still don't remember if he had already attended our class from the beginning. I only remember one day after the class had been on for some weeks, I saw his charming face for the very first time.
Nice bone structure, sharp and graceful dark eyes, and a bit tan, just like.....that Arabic prince in that American TV series.
Made me curious, but I was not in love at all, just admiring.

So one day not far from that day, I had a chance to be in the same group with him. After a short chit chat, I couldn't help to ask about where he's from.

We had a conversation as similar as this:

- Where are you from?
+ I'm from here, Pakistani Briton. I just got back from long holiday in America.
He seemed proud of America and cheerfully told me about his excursion there. He didn't look like a usual Pakistani.

- Oh, I though you were from Arab.
His face expression suddenly changed into cheerless mode. It seemed he wished I would say he's a Latin or an Afro-American (though his skin is lighter).
+ No, don't say that.
- Why?
+ Not everyone wish to hear that.
- But I mean, you are like those Arabic princes.
(I sounded so ridiculously flirting ya)
His face even got stiffer.
+ don't ever say that. That's not nice at all.
- I'm sorry.

Though after that incident he was still a nice guy, too bad he stopped his study after got accepted by a prestigious Bank, not long after that.

Back to the core of the story.
Now, I know why!
Ever since I become a regular reader of Muttawa, I've learnt:
I'd been misguided by American movies, Arabic original princes are like this, this, this...and more on Muttawa
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