Wise Words Mister

Maybe I'm just being paranoid about this following excerpt from Suara Pembaruan, 14 Nov 2005:

Not in Indonesia
According to AR (he's our former chief of People's Consultative Council) terrorism attack is more appropriate if they were done in Palestine, Chechnya and Moro, South Philippines. In those countries, Islam and Muslims have been in oppression. Hence, it makes sense to fight with violence.

Isn't it like he's humiliating his own religion?

I don't think anyone remember this saying from one of Presidential candidates debate shows last year.
One of the panel was issuing the terrorism attacks that happened in Indonesia.
Let me paraphrase what was the response of one of the contestants:
Seperti rumput yang sudah kering, masih di-injak-injak lagi.
He wanted to point it out that hays that are already dried are easy to get burnt.
Hays were his metaphor for oppressed people.
It's like to say it's ok for oppressed people to do terrorism.
Even though maybe what he wanted to address was the crazy wide gap between rich and poor that happens in Indonesia. Still it was and is wrong.
I thank God when he lost.

I just hope our leaders can be wise enough with what they're going to say.
Stupid people like those suicide bombers can't understand metaphor, analogy or assumption and they never use sense of right and wrong.

Dare to spell these:
Do not do terrorisms
Cos it's wrong, against any civil law and religion law
Only satanic religion allows killing another human
Or should brainwash everyone with this Mahatma Gandhi's saying:
"There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for"
(Sometime ago during my high school times in the donkey years, I read about him and wikipedia helps me clear my muddling memory)
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