Polyglot Wannabe

A couple of hours ago...
I had some 'hectic' chats.
I tried a little Italian con mio nuovo amico Italiano et a little francais avec un ami de la France, then a friend from China also offered me his language. All at the same time!
But of course 98,99999% of the conversations were still in English! :-D
Language learning is really fun. To be able to practise by chatting is even funer, though I used my wrecked Italian language and my wrecked francaise.
Yes...not only broken, but wrecked! :-D

Upon writing this entry, I found out that
Paralink now provides a free Italian-English vv translation!! It didn't have it before. This is great! I made a wish about that and it finally happens!
Paralink by this far, gives the better translation compares to any other free translation machines that I have tried.
For anyone who wants to learn Indonesian, try
Kataku (thanks Bouli for the link).
Also, click the picture on the left, it leads to some tips for polyglot wannabe. I fished it when I was searching for an image for this entry.
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