Non Surreal

Three days ago I dreamt about this guy someone.
Can't put it here what exactly is. It's too personal shy
This is what I dreamt...
I saw his picture and read his info, on particular thing his *secret* !!stop your dirty thought ya!!! this has nothing to do with anything pervert holy !!

When I woke up, I straightly thought about.....
"was it a dream?"
"did I really read something last night?"
Cos it's so lifelike, hisface and everything.

Couldn't let my self keep wondering about the meaning of that dream, I made a single check.
Something has changed about him at the time when I made the investigation.
Exactly about his *secret*, but with the opposite fact (from what I got in my dream).

If this is too confusing confused, stop reading it cheesy
I just feel like a fortune teller because of this.

The next day because I was still curious, I worked an enquiry again. I found out that that specific something -his *secret*- has changed again, and this time is exactly like what I saw in my dream.
What still confuses me ?, the message of that dream for me is not so important, but why did I dream about him that way? and it happens!

This is not my first and only fortune-teller-like dream.'s already late now, I'm sleepy.
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