Non Surreal Extended

This is about another dream that also turned into real.
The difference is I never really had any direct or indirect contact with this person.

She was my brother's mother-in-law.
I wasn't here when my brother got married. My brother's in-law family live in another island, so even after I got back, I never met his mother-in-law, until....

I dreamt:
I see a woman lying on a bed; she waves her hand at me and tells me to call my Mom because she wants to tell something to her.

I got awakened as I heard the telephone outside was ringing; it was still early for a day. I think the sun was not yet even rising.
All of sudden this thought came into my mind....
"That's it, she's gone"

Guess what, that was a phone call for my Mom from my brother or my sis-in-law (I forgot which one exactly) telling that my sis-in-law's mother has just passed away.
My Mom and my sis-in-law's mother was best friend when they were young.

Long before that dream, I had similar dream turns into real already.
It was when Leet was back in Indonesia.

This was my dream:
I was awakened by a telephone call from Leet. She asked me to tell Pete to pick her up on this certain date and hour.
I said ok and went to sleep again. But I also felt that I had been talking to Pete through the telephone about it and he told me why did I wake him up so early in the morning.

This was the reality:
That morning just after I got that dream I did get awakened by a telephone call from Leet, and she told me exactly like in that dream.
Except that, no complain from Pete, cos I didn't make an early call to him.

Another similar dream...
I had an appointment with Eara for a meeting in an afternoon.
Because I felt very sleepy, I took a siesta to kill the hours.
Then I dreamt Eara phoned and canceled the meeting.
The dream stopped because the telephone was then really ringing, and it was indeed from Eara, and it's exactly like in my dream. The meeting was canceled.

Because I have dreamt that kind of dream many times, one day I was really freaking out when I dreamt this:

I just exited a grocery store. I saw J standing on the porch. I greeted her and asked her what she is doing. She talked to me inexpressively that she's waiting for a pick-up. I told her: "me too". The end.

J was my friend at the university; I wasn't even close to her back then. She has already passed away some years when I had that dream. I dreamt about her twice after she passed away. The first dream was about her death. In the reality she died of acute asthma, in my dream she died of heart attack in our class reunion event at a discotheque.
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