Art Attempt

I have felt privileged since last Saturday when an invitation of Sri Hadhy's opening painting exhibition arrived for me.
I know I probably got it because I once, though only for a day, joined his course.
He, one of the notable painters from Indonesia, will have his painting exhibition next week, and it seems he invite all of his ex-/pupils to attend the opening ceremony.

Leet phoned me about Sri Hadhy some days ago when she saw her friends' painting exhibition at Hotel Nikko. Apparently one of them was Sri Hadhy's student. Leet and I have been dreaming to live for and from painting. What a coincidence that I got that invitation on Saturday.

That only day when he saw me doing a sketch, he eulogised my sketch! :-D
Well...though it was probably just his encouragement as a teacher to his student, it did and does make me proud because he did not say that to my two friends.

Maybe I do have a little talent on art, but I never really practise it, unlike Leet.
There is this axiom that says that success is about 1% talent and 99% attempt or practice.
My problem is, I have too much wants that lead me nowhere at the end. I'm so easy to like something.

I love Van Gogh's brush stroke. I like Klimt's rich and sensual paintings. I like Basquiat's puzzled paintings. I'm taken by Edward Hopper's capture of aloneness. I want to make pop art drawings like Lichtenstein. I admire some paintings and drawings on deviantart. I dream to be like each of them, not just one of them :-D
C'est terrible, n'est pas.

Anyhow, these are my latest attempts on paintings.
Hey you, sorry if I used the design that I made for you ya ;-) I like it so much. Don't worry, I mask your face and the word on your heart so it won't reveal you.

If my fingers could successfully materialise the picture that I saw on my head, this picture could have been much better.
He wanted me to make a tattoo design that depicts yin-yang concept. Him with his feminine and masculine sides blending, but that doesn't mean he's a sissy. He's very straight.

I feel that he's a good person, full of spirit, loves life, loves women and loves his ‘favourite sport' ;-)
He has a very artistic face, so I made it as part of my design. Hence I decided that his tattoo would be him with my tattoo design that shows his passions: woman, nature, beauty, and kindness, all over his thorax and his hands. I was inspired by a cover illustration of Secret Rendezvous, a novel by Kobo Abe.

These two are just a draft and a remake of the design. He took the original one.
See how I failed the colouring scheme :-(
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