13 = 1+3 = 4 = Good luck!

Last year when I went to Penang Island, I visited a famous Thai Buddhist temple. It's one of tourist destinations in Penang.
Usually in many Buddhist temples we can get fortune reading.
I like this kind of thing, though if I got bad reading, I will never believe it.
Say, I'm superstitious only when my reading outcome is a good :-D

So, as soon as I entered the temple, I asked Sarjid, our tour guide, where can I get a fortune reading. He showed me a machine with a slot for a coin. Since I didn't have the prescribed coin, Sarjid kindly gave me one. I put it into the slot. I don't remember exactly, I think there's a ball in that machine that would go round and stop at a specific number after the machine swallowed the coin. Before I got the result, I had a funny feeling that I would get either 13 or 4, and it was.
As I took out the small paper number 4, I told Sarjid,
- I knew I would get this number

I told him that 4 and 13 are considered as some omens of bad luck by some people in my country, especially by Chinese Indonesian, because 4 sounds like death. Some high-rise buildings with more than 12 floors don't have floor number 13, but 12B or other than 13. Though I never believe in any bad reading, I still felt cross a bit.
But Sarjid encouraged me to read it.
The saying started with something like "you are going to be lonely for a very long time before you finally find happiness in your life."

- See...I knew it I should not read it
+ Don't worry, it's my coin, so it's not your reading at all, just throw it away

But instead, I kept it in my jeans pocket.

In the car, on our way back to the hotel, I frivolously took that small paper out of my pocket. This time, I read the reverse side of the paper.
I shouted out the words, it was written something like this:
"For a married person, you will have your ill wife recovered and she will soon bear your son"

It was intendedly a reading for man. I was supposed to take the pink colour which is for woman.

+ That's a reading for your brother then, give it to him

My brother was also in the car with us. He just smiled widely, but didn't say a word.

At the hotel, I told about that to my sis-in-law who had just returned from hospital after her 3 or 4 days of stay there for her big operation. My Mom and she were happy to hear that, and wanted to see that small paper. Too bad, my brother threw it away, cos fortune reading is actually against our Christian belief :-P

Today my sis-in-law is 5 months pregnant.
But we believe it's only because of our God's mercy that my brother and her will soon have a baby.

Let's wait and see, baby girl or baby boy?
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