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Last Sunday I woke up after 7 am, so obviously it's impossible to attend the earliest Church service. I was thinking to drop the chance of watching Berbagi Suami, but at the end my carnally minded won after I found an excuse that I could go to the afternoon service later. The decision was made simply because of that dress code thing :-D
I love orange! To attend an event where all attendants must wear orange, that's something that I wanted to experience.

Around 8 am I sms-ed my friends and confirmed that I would come.
We couldn't get nice seats cos I arrived a bit late though the lights were still on and the film had not yet begun. My expectation of orange sensation was not granted! Not even half of the people wore it. But we all got Salma Candle plus the poster to take home.

The synopsis of the film is available online, so I will leave it untouched.
I only want to write what I think about the movie, besides its 100% positive reviews are already available blog-widely to read.

The Positives
It's above of what considered as the popular current Indonesian movies.
So far I watched "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta", small part of "Brownies", "Jaelangkung", a snip of "Mengejar Matahari" and -I think- there are some other more films. Glad I didn't waste Rupiahs to watch them at the cinema, cause they only pushed me away even further from Indonesian movies. Can't stand those common over-dose acting of Indonesian actors/ actresses!
"Berbagi Suami" brings a bit hope for me to like Indonesian movies again.
Some notable players from this film are:
- Winky as Nadim. He looks relax and he has the right dose of expression.
- Dominique as Ming. Fresh, unstrained, and very beautiful girl.
- Shanty as Siti. I could forget her real attribute as a pop-star singer and saw her as just Siti instead in that movie, but a little flaw does exist.

The Negatives
So many cliché scenes. The way the guys lust for their woman are so anywhere in any back hollywood movies. Nia Dinata was just like raw taking those scenes from those already out movies. No originality and not artistic at all.

Improper accent. It shadows Shanty's acting quality and wastes her already (beautiful) Javanese look –though she's originally Sunda. Had she been able to master the Javanese accent, I would find her acting more appealing.
Koh Abun and Ci Linda don't deliver the way the Chinese (Kota) talk.

Cliché Acting. Though it's above the average Sinetron Indonesia, I didn't find it captivating. I could still find the Indonesian actors/ actresses standardized expressions such as disturbed feeling is represented by jerky eyes, anger is represented by voluntary widening eyes. Ira Maya Sopha's unnecessary slapstick acting is also annoying.
I think Indonesia actors/ actresses should learn from those Korean actresses/ actors, they can just stay still, don't even make a slight flick to their eyes, yet they can deliver the right emotion to their viewers.

Improper attribute. Big tattoo on one of the motherly gynecologist's hands. For me it's a bit weird.

OST. Soundtrack songs don't match the film mood, but many give positive reviews. Maybe it's just not my preference.

There are some other drawbacks but that'll be too much for a good film like "Berbagi Suami" if I wrote them all.

After all, like I wrote it already, this film gives me a ray of hope to like Indonesian movie again ;-)

And I finally didn't go to Church either in the afternoon. Pff...


treespotter said...

not a big fan of indon movie either, but i found arisan/mengejar matahari and 9 naga to be quite good. granted, those are the only ones i saw. oh, i saw Ada Apa dengan cinta, too, but you know.. :)

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