Berbagi Suami = Sharing a hubby

For some reasons I am not a fan of Indonesian movies. But I'm not going to write about it now.
If this time I feature Berbagi Suami here, it's because Elz , one of the producers of that film, is the wife of my good friend, Oc. Elz, who was still pregnant of their first baby at that time, also appeared in one scene there as a pregnant woman.

Oc rang me yesterday afternoon, and he told me about that movie.

The film depicts stories about polygamy in 3 families of different class.

Oc told me that the story is coloured by real story and characters.
The Pak Lik character is inspired by a driver, pet-named Tomingse, who once worked with Kalyana Shira Film. That Tomingse, even with his front teeth jutting out, manages to have 3 wives. The crews used to tease him to share his bed-room story; he said sometimes the 4 of them are in one bed together at once aka foursome

Oc tried to convince me that it is a good and rare movie that I and other friends must see.
Since I don't like Indonesian movie, I asked for some free tickets. Last time he offered me some free tickets to see "Biola Tak Berdawai" but I didn't take them. Unfortunately this time Elz only got 4 free tickets, and all were already gone to their close relatives.

Anyway I told other friends to see Oc's wife's film.
Leet alterego, my best friend, sms'ed then phoned me, telling me that she has 4 free tickets from Femina magazine. It's a 'watching movie together' event. It even has a dress code, a touch of orange- which is one of my favourite colours!
But another unfortunately strikes! It'll be held on Sunday 10 am!
It can be my Church time!
Maybe this sounds too religious for some people, but I feel bad to have abandoned Church for many times on Sunday.
Maybe if I can manage to join the earlier service at 7am and to arrive at the venue before 10am, I will be able to experience Berbagi Suami . The film of course!

Since the film has collaboration with a partner from France, that sounds possible if this film will reach there one day.


treespotter said...

there's a Thai guy who married two twins. seriously. let us know bout the film.

Owner said...

I got the link from your site.
He must got envied by some other males :-D

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