Loco Love

My friend's bf has a female coworker who's very obsessed with him.
She'd been pestering him especially since he becomes my friend's bf recently.

Couldn't stand her antic behaviour anylonger, he finally told her that he doesn't see her as a woman, but he sees her like he sees other male friends.
Pretty harsh, he just didn't know what to tell her anymore.

And that harsh saying still failed to stop her.
She became loco even more.
She nudged him (intentionally) every time she passed his desk or came near him

When he told her to that, she blasted "what is so strange for guys to nudge each other."
And he replied it, "how do I know you're not a gay?"


EG said...

Hah! Sometime some people will take "gender equality" too far.Hopefully your friend's bf don't have to face the "Basic Instinct" thing.

Owner said...

Ehem...what is gender equality to do here EG? ;)
It's still wicked if Basic Instinct were contrariwise.

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