Sunday Date

These are reasons why I prefer the first Church service at 7 am:
Almost empty street! Rare in my city.
No queuing! The Church is always chockablock almost at all hours of service, but 7 am is the first service, no need to wait for the previous flock to exit the room.
Arem-arem! Yes, Church serves free snacks and drinks (coffee/ tea/ mineral water), and its arem-arem is tasty. I ate 2 this morning.

Resep Bahasa Indonesia
And if I'm lucky, I don't have to listen to 'marketing' or/ and 'shabarabalara' preachers.

This morning, I was lucky.

His interesting facts are listed as follows:
He's Indonesian but grew up in Europe and USA, and got 2 master degrees in those 2 continents.
(Hold breath!) At the age of 13 he already experienced living together while in Netherlands. I don't think I misheard it. He said 'samenleven at the age of 13!' Samenleven is living together. At that very young age?
His father has (recently?) got married to his 4th wife, and that's not the final number. His 80 years ole man is going to China to pick up another bride! He seemed bitter when he said it.
He cheered-up when he moved on saying that some of his atheist siblings (all members of his family, including him, used to be atheist) have shared the same faith as his.
He has 18 siblings.
He's been to some of Indonesian forests and built 70 Churches in Kalimantan hinterlands.
He deals a lot with looney -literal- people and he takes care some loonies at his house.

This morning he delivered this.
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