Saturday Flashback

Cafe Barbados KemangGG can't take beef cos he is Buddhist, and he doesn't like lamb.
LN suggested Barbados in Kemang, the food was good the last time she went there.
GG was a bit reluctant, for him very few cars around means a bad sign.
But it's also a bit early for the pack since Barbados is usually jammed at very late hours.
And we trusted LN's choice!

The room was indeed empty and dim; we chose the dining table in the sunken area.
Each of us chose the good looking dishes from the menu to order.
Started to tittle tattle about old days back in Manc land.
Then GG started to feel itchy bitchy on his arms.
Mosquitos raid!!

"They have mosquito here?" GG felt dreaming.
Inside a resto?
Not just one or two, a multitude of mosquito!
"Do you have mosquito repellent?" asked GG to a waiter
"Sorry we don't have it"

EN suggested us to move to another table where the light was less dim.
Our main course finally came.
Huge portion, but didn't look as handsome as in the pictures.
"The prawns are so small!" I was disappointed with my Mexican fried rice.
"Not prawns at all, but shrimps!" GG cleared it.

"I don't know there is Emping (traditional Indonesian crackers) in Mexico"
"Probably because they know you're not Mexican, so they serve Indonesian one instead"
It tasted quite like nasi goreng abang-abang, aka fried rice made by the hawkers, but cost 100 times more dearly.
First scoop, second scoop, third scoop and the nexts really needed some efforts for me to swallow.
"Just drop it", they knew I was struggling.

"What's this made of?" GG point 2 round things on his plate.
"Beef" replied the waiter
On the menu: Bali rice with seafood and chicken.
No beef written at all.
That almost commited GG another sin! :-P

LN gave up her burrito.
She ate not even half of it.
I gave up my fake Mexican fried rice.
GG seemed can eat anything, except for the beef.
EN didn't really complain but not satisfied either with his Chicken Hainan.

As the waiter returned the credit card to LN after making the payment,
LN gave him some ‘tips':
"Can we make suggestion for your resto improvement?"
"Could you tell the Chefs to improve their skills?"
It's her birthday and we also wanted to 'officially' welcome GG to Indonesia, of course we were disappointed.
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