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I didn't know that Blogger-Beta would spoil my blog.
Some headers became unreadable and the blogger navigation bar re-appeares.
That header thing was fixed easily, but not enough know-how to discharge the nav bar.

I went to check blogger-templates, no help there.
Then I remembered phydeaux3, the one who created that neat Cloud Category.
But I found out a sad thing first, Blogger-Beta doesn't allow D2B –Cloud Category- to work!
In other words, my Category system right now is dead.
However, phydeaux3 has done another magic thing, D2B replacement!
I will try to apply it here. Later.

Somewhere there in one or more comments in phydeaux3 I found links to some answer on how to manipulate the blogger nav bar.
I tried the Peek-A-Boo, but still can't make it work here. It's all because of my lack of html...css...javascript know-hows of course. So, in the meantime the unconvenience is all around this origena.

This entry is just a CPR!


phydeaux3 said...

Yeah, no one was more disappointed than I that d2b categories won't work in the beta. Unfortunately to make it work would be more involved than anyone would want. :-(

But a note on the Label Cloud you noticed for beta. In beta you have two types of templates, the old style (called Classic) or the new ones (called Layouts) and the new Label Cloud will only work if you are using a layout enabled template. As is this new template you've picked (and probably most ones you'll see anywhere) are still the old style Classic. Hopefully people will start to convert them over to the new layouts soon.

Just wanted to let you know that before trying anything with it.

Origena said...

Ohh..I didn't know that.
:-( that means I still have to wait and my blog remains cloud-less.
Thanks for the info Phydeaux3!!

Currently I like this new free template, and not so tempted to use any of those blogger original template (classic or layouts).

phydeaux3 said...

I hate to have to tell you this, but it turns out if you had waited another week or so the d2b categories would have worked in Beta. :-(

Apparently within the last few days Blogger fixed the change in beta that was keeping it from working and now it does (although there is one feature that still won't).

As soon as I saw they fixed it I thought Origena! if she had only waited! :-) Anyway I just thought I would let you know that (details on it are at my blog) in case you were really in love with your old style and had a backup. But in the end it's probably just as well. Your new template is cute as a button.


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