Uncommon Courtesy

I was lounging alone in a steam room of a club.
It's nice to have it empty cos sometimes there're many people at the same time. The amenity broke up as a girl came in and sat across me.
"Hello," nodding her head to me and smiled widely.
I smiled and helloed-back.

Hmm..what a nice and friendly person, I thought.
Not only that, she also passed the good-looking criteria.
Then another girl came in, silently as most of people here will do.
She sat and covered her head and face with towel.

According to Reader's Digest World of Courtesy Survey, Jakarta people have the low rank of politeness, but still topping the people of Taipei, Moscow, Singapore, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest and Mumbai.
I also read in that magazine, that people in Jakarta are likely unwilling to greet or smile to fellow passengers on elevator.

I remembered that survey, this girl had to be an exception.
But, then suddenly that nice, good-looking, and polite girl became a history when she bow down and....

"howekkk.....chuuuhh...." - an onomatopoeia of spitting phlegm.

And that's what she did, spitting on the floor of the humid steam room!
Disbelieving and speechless, I checked the other girl, but she seemed to be too isolated by her towel and remained motionless.

Not me, I decided to leave straight off.


dead sea princess said...

Hi,maby its can be interest for u maby not!
(by the way u have very nice blog :)

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