Movie Month

So this month I will watch at least 5 movies at JiFFest this year.
We bought the tickets last Saturday.
Got peeved by the counter girl who's in charge for JiFFest stand at Aksara, PI.
Very uninformative.

We planned to buy 7 tickets for each of us, unfortunately the ticket for Bable was already sold out.
So we asked for 6 tickets, but that pudding head girl said it's impossible and period, no further explanation of why.

We told her that we understood we have to purchase the additional tickets with regular price since the festival applies membership system, i.e. Gold Card, Silver Card, and White Card, each successively provides passes for 10, 5, 2 different movie screenings.
Of course with Gold card membership the price per item goes cheaper, the cheapest one. But we wanted 6 movies only, not 10. The girl just kept repeating the same answer, i.e. impossible.

Then after we're making some "do you mean this" "do you mean that" "what if" questions to that air-head girl who only responded us with "yes" and "no," we finally came to the conclusion that anyone who wants to buy single entry pass can only obtain it on the screening day of the desirable film.

And it's actually already written clearly on the guide programme book! Pff..
She could have just shown us the page, if she had a problem to explain it directly :-P

Sometimes even a simple answer is hard to get.
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