A Prayer for a Gecko

How to expel house gecko from home for good?
I really want to know.
Also, I want to know how can most of houses in Indonesia have this creature around?

Last night I almost couldn't sleep at all when a baby house gecko creeping on the ceiling of my bedroom. Exactly above my bed.
Not that I have phobia of this house gecko –thank God for that-, but to imagine it fell down and crept on me while I was sleeping......it caused goosebumps.
So I tried to drive it away from the ceiling above my bed. Standing on my bed, I swayed a blanket toward the gecko just to scare it away and move away from where it was.

That tiny house gecko kiddo suddenly went frantic. It didn't run away, instead it seemed to want to catch the blanket.
The more I swayed the blanket the more agitated it seemed, then until finally it jumped suddenly right into my bed.
I couldn't stop myself to scream a bit, which is a normal reaction I think.

That kiddo gecko, I couldn't see where it went after its free fall, but I assumed it had to be a crazy gecko if it dared to come near me.
Still for a precaution, I hit the mattress here and there, so if it was still there it would run immediately.

Then just when I thought everything was over and was about to turn off the light, that kiddo gecko showed its face again, starting to crawling closer towards me.
For the second time I screamed a bit again!

Just like before, it disappeared immediately. I pushed and pulled the bed, shook here and there, used the mattress bat to beat the mattress, until I felt tired that caused me want to hit the bed immediately.

I couldn't bother anymore, and for the first time I prayed.....Our Father who art in Heaven...please protect me from that gecko, keep that gecko away from me....

I could sleep well though.


bouli said...

maybe the gecko was sent to force you to make some physical exercice, and help you to sleep finally ;)

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