Blood Diamond

It seems in this movie, people in Sierra Leone either got killed or enslaved by the rebels. This armed rebel Revolutionary United Front (RUF) finance their movement by operating diamond mine and selling those diamonds to some dirty big western company who doesn't give a damn about the terror story behind those diamonds.

Because this film is inspired by what actually happened there in Sierra Leone, I felt stressful watching it. How a naturally beautiful and rich country becomes one of the poorest countries in the world because of the civil war, how killing is nothing without torturing, and so many other horrid things.

Other than the horrific things that happen to Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou), his family and the people of Sierra Leone, there's this scene when Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) phones Maddy (Jennifer Connelly), where they can only talk without being able to stop the already felt fate, I also found this scene very touching.

Just do not miss Blood Diamond.
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