"Hey, what did you do to my blog?"
It's Leet alterego, on the other side of the connection.
"Nothing. Why?"
"It doesn't appear on Google search! You must have done something"
"What will I tell my friends now?? I told them just to type Leet and they'd find me"
"Now their searches will lead to nothing"
"It's your fault"
She went frantic!

And of course she suspected me. I know her password -she doesn't mind I play with her blog setting/ template/ layout, and though I might not have enough know how about html/template/css/blahblahlanguage, I'm not as illiterate as she is about this thing :-D

These days Leet alterego has really become Google-ized after reading The Google Story, and I think that what influenced her to join the Blogger world now.

I don't know what's happened with Leet's blog, it does not appear on Google search anymore. Poor her! And this is her S.O.S...
"Now, how am I gonna be famous?"
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