Buy your Grave and Coffin Beforehand

SOURCE SUARA PEMBAHARUANThat's a secret to a longer life according to some belief.
That is also probably the ground of San Diego Hills Memorial Park development that costs US$!! One thousand Million US Dollar!!
Don't get fooled by the name, it's not at all in San Diego, USA, but it's in Indonesia.
In this currently country of disaster, Mochtar Riady, a magnate from Indonesia, apparently sniffs a big opportunity from death.
He said, "death is not something taboo, but it should become our responsibility to plan it spiritually, mentally and physically beforehand. A beautiful cemetery and to respect the dead are the basic needs for anyone."*

SUARA PEMBAHARUANOf course he must say anything – even the most absurd things- to sell one grave for $US 3200/ m2!!
This Memorial Park will also have facilities like Italian Restaurant, swimming pool, jogging and bicycle track, shops, multifunction hall, etc, which of course not for the dead. Probably for some Italian tourists? ;-)

Maybe if he built it in some rich developed country, it would not be that controversial at all, but here in Indonesia, where so many people currently have lost their homes or even villages because of some nature disasters and some dirty shrewdness?
No sorry to say, for me it's a courtesy for the dead and discourtesy for the poor living.

Btw that irrational belief is very irrelevant to this country.

*source taken from Suara Pembaharuan
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