Killing Cancer

When I read an article on the net from New Scientist about Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers, I remember a friend.

Almost 2 years ago someone contacted me when I was online on Skype.
He got my blog address from my profile there and he also gave me his blog addy.
I already have some messenger friends and pen pals, but at that time I didn't have any blogger friend.
So, I could say that I was excited, especially because his blog was so affecting.
He has been suffering for years from some kind of cancer that made him paralyzed from waist down, and on his blog he stated that he is looking for anyone who has experienced a certain cancer treatment.

We spoke many times but not too many times and he also left some comments on my blog. Sometimes he reminded me that he just posted new photographs of blooming flowers.
He's one artistic soul, he could patiently wait for a flower to bloom and took the first shot of it. So his blog contains those beauties besides his postings about his life, all the trouble he got from his illness, the hurt, his daily struggles living on a wheelchair, and some saddening things. I don't think he was looking for others' sympathies by putting them all on his blog, those are just his reality. Even the shocking one. He's a strong soul.

So one day I linked his blog, I wanted his words to spread more. I told him about that when I saw him online on Skype, but I didn't know why he ignored me. He has never chat with or messaged me again since that day.
Too be honest I got annoyed, so I erased him from my skype and from my blog, because for me what's the point of keeping somebody's name who doesn't want to be friend with me.
I tried to think that maybe it's better, less worry for me. It's plainly fair that when you befriend someone sure you would feel worry if he has serious illness, right? I'm not talking about death, but the sufferings.

But, as a curious person, I sometimes take a peek on his blog.
Recently after along time had not vitised his blog, I just realised that he has stopped blogging since early 2006.
I'm thinking about him right now. I hope this new discovery about Cancer Killer could help someone that I still consider a friend. Stay strong. God bless you.
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