Wave of Love

Do you have Wave of Love in your house?
This wave of love is a name of current popular pot plant in my country. I don't know its complete latin name, but it's belong to Anthurium family. People in my country call it Anthurium "Gelombang Cinta" which is translated into English as Wave of Love Anthurium. Very seductive name.
My Mom bought it long ago when the price was still not as high as these days. This Wave of Love never really gets special care from us, we just water it every morning.
We also never really think about our plants prices once we owned them if not some guests and one of our new maids mentioned about it. My brother's friend who saw our big Wave of Love pot plant immediately admired it and told my brother that it cost tens millions rupiah or thousands $US, and he asked for the seeds when they're available.

My Dad doesn't believe that the plant can cost thousands $US and I can't understand either why suddenly the price climbs rocketing like that I think it's ridiculous, but it's kind a cool to have a plant with that exotic name, Wave of Love.
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