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The Wikipedia about tourism states that the most visited city and country are Paris and France. If you haven't been there maybe you should put this destination on your future travel list, and start to find the best deal of transport and hoteles en Paris.

So far, I have been there only twice, well, at least that made me meet Eiffel Tower in 'person', set foot on the top of it and admired Paris from its sky. I also went to Notre Dame Cathedral to fulfill my childhood dream to see the place that I'd once only known from the Hunchback of Notre Dame novel. I didn't forget to visit Louvre to smile back to Mona Lisa, and also, because I needed to see The Louvre Pyramids, a famous creation from a famous architect, I.M Pei. I love beautiful architecture, be it old or modern. That is why I love Europe, why I have listed Spain into my future journey.

I want to see La Sagrada Familia and all other buildings touched by my favourite architect of all architects, Antoni Gaudi. His buildings that are scattered in Barcelona have obsessed me, and his unhappy ending life makes me even want to know him more through his buildings. Other building that also a must see is the famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, a masterpiece by Frank Gehry, another famous architect.

Of course while traveling, other than seeing architecture masterpieces, I would love to experience the culture. Spain has a festive culture, such as flamenco dance, matador fight, and this one is my favourite one, La Tomatina – Tomato fight. Ever since I saw it on television, I keep wondering about it.
Well, ok, so from now I must find the best of the best deals for a tourist in Spain including about hotel, I must start to search about hoteles en EspaƱa, which is including good hoteles en Barcelona, and hoteles en Madrid too, just in case I want to pay a visit to the official residence of the Spanish Royal family :-D

Photo from flickrCC search on Gaudi


Anonymous said...

hi there, this is vlado from Germany/Bulgaria. Remember me? :-)
If you need some ideas about your trip, just contact me. We've been to Madrid last year, have a friend in Barcelona and hate Paris. Take care

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