The Lost Kingdom

On one of my blogwalking from entrecard, I came across this similar mama tiger and piglets photo. To be honest my first reaction was: I wish that tiger skins on the piglets are only fake tiger skins.
As I’m a curious person who loves Google search so much, I always likely to search further to find out more about interesting story that catches my attention. That also happened when I was reading fiveblondes’s The World is Amazing.
Especially because a comment from Jackie brings out an appalling story behind that photo.

What is the real story?
1. That picture is taken from SRIRACHA TIGERZOO in Thailand NOT in California.
2. That tiger doesn’t lose her cubs at all, instead ‘the happy family’ is fabricated for human amusement solely. This is unfavourable grim real story about mama tiger and piglets affair, including mama piggy and cubs, and other stories.
3. This is the article in 2003 about the 100 tigers that Sri Racha Tiger Zoo in Thailand exported to China, including tiger meat issue.
4. This is the favourable Urban Legend

I haven't found the latest news about it though, does it mean no news is good news? I hope so, in the mean time, 'enjoy' this video from Sri Racha Tiger-Piglets Circus.


Kate said...

That video is really cute.

People got really mad when I posted that story, I never said it was true but I just thought that the pictures were adorable. We had to delete quite a few horribly mean comments.

Origena said...

Thanks for the visit Kate. Yes, some people can't make responsible commenet, luckily has comment moderation :)

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