The thousands dollar cabbage

This look like cabbage plant is also a family of Anthurium. I asked my Mom what is its name, but she doesn’t remember. My Mom doesn’t remember whether it's very pricey when she bought it. We were just recently aware when our new maid saw it in our garden, and she told my Mom that her ex-employer has it too and that plant is very expensive.A repairman who happened come to our house gasp as he saw that pot plant hidden behind our other plants like an abandoned plant, he even said that this plant is even more expensive than the Wave of Love.
After I googled I this is what is called Jenmanii Anthurium, the name is not as exotic as Wave of Love, but I like this plant more cause the leaves seem emerging directly from the ground. This plant like any other anthurium is priced also depending on how many leaves it has, more leaf means more expensive. Well, sometimes you are not aware what you really have until others tell you :) though I think the price is not as high as that, or some Indonesian people are too ridiculous.
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