The 3rd Gender Invasion?

It happened in a public toilet at one prestigious Shopping Mall in Jakarta.
Everything seemed normal, I just arrived there for some second and was checking-out my appearance, another woman was retouching her make up.

As far as I remember all the 4 loo cubicles were in use.
That means -logically- there were 4 other females there other than us.

Suddenly a male's voice filled the air.
I thought it came from the speakerphone.
Then another male's voice was also floating in the air joining the first voice.
At that point the girl across me looked befuddled, we looked at each other.
Not more than ten seconds after those voices first heard, two cubicle doors were open and two girls walked out in shock.
I was nearly laughing seeing their expressions.

"Who are they?"
"Why are they here?"

We whispered to each other, almost soundless.

Those questions were answered when two tall not-so-feminine-bodies but wrapped in woman outfits came out from the last two cubicles, walked across the loo alley calmly while still in conversation with each other, and they even took a peek checking their make up on the mirror.

We the spectators were all frozen.

When they vanished from the toilet, we complained immediately to a cleaning service girl who came later but still saw those two.
The cleaning service girl looked confused.
No one made a move to tell the security to chase those two though, we’re like transfixed.

Maybe it's time to have 3rd gender public loo?


DT said...

I hear you Ouli. That's always a fun one isn't it? I guess what I don't get is that it seems to me that the two were completely oblivious to the fact that you and the other woman were shocked. I guess they have every right to be how they want to be, but how about at least understanding that not everyone is so open about sharing the loo?

Origena said...

Do you know "Kinky Boots?"
I think in that Movie. Lola the drag queen character still uses gent's loo.
I wonder what would happen if they went to gent's loo instead :-D

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