Prophetic Dream?

I am not really a fan of Manchester United.
That's why I felt weird when one day in February I woke up with the feeling that I just saw a picture of MU team cheering up with a trophy, and a headline above it with three words that I saw vividly "MU won" and "UEFA."

I had that kind of dream too before and it did come true, but I think that probably happened because I really wanted JD to win that Rockstar: INXS.

Will this become a prophetic dream?
.....for sure it's a nightmare for the Rossoneri ...but never fear a dream or to dream Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket .....


Anonymous said...

I say let the dream be true! haha...I'm a Man Utd.supporter. Hi Ouli, long time no see.Been to Krypto lately,huh! Anyway take the opportunity to wish u all the best. eg

Origena said...

If it comes true, then I must find out how I'm connected to MU to have that prophetic dream about MU :-D

Wish you all the best too EG!!

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