Dream Ingredient

When you dream of someone, that could mean that the person you dream of is thinking of you, said Ira.
I hadn't really been in touch with Leet in these last previous days and was thinking about that.

This morning I dreamt I answer a phone call in the stretch of morning when the light in my bedroom is still off. I can see myself smiling when I hear Leet's voice on the phone, and I can read what I'm thinking during the conversation, I am thinking how lucky that I don't ignore the phonecall. It looks like I miss her a lot.

When I woke up, I planned to call her soon.
But my soon was taking longer time, I was doing internet thing when my mobile's beeping, and it was from Leet.
I immediately told her about the dream.
Funny that she said she'd been thinking of calling me in the morning because she dreamt about that too?

Back to Ira's saying, of course that someone should be anyone who we are acquainted with in person.

Want to try? ;)
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