The Posh and the Tatty

I've been trying to imagine, what would happen if Ira really enter the gate of Dharmawangsa Hotel by bajaj :-D

At the pool side that afternoon she told me that she took a bajaj to go back from Aksara Kemang to Dharmawangsa Hotel because she couldn't get a taxi and –I think- she was in hurry cos when I called her 20 mins before I arrived at the hotel she's still at that bookstore.

Dharmawangsa Hotel is an exclusive and very nice hotel managed by that Rosewood (?) from America, it needs at least US$200/ night to stay there.
The tall steel gate of that hotel is guarded and closed all the time.
It will only be open after a security check is done.

I wish Ira did enter the hotel gate by bajaj, after all she's a hotel guest and she's staying there for 3 days and she's 7-months pregnant too :-D
Would the guards let her and the "proletarian" bajaj in?

However she and the bajaj driver didn't have that gut to try, so the bajaj driver dropped her some meters away from the side entrance of the hotel area - not even the main entrance! :-D


bon/watabe said...

Hi Ouli! The story remind me one memory when I was in Bali 15 years before. I wanted to go Sheraton Hotel at Nusa Dua, only to check and drink a coffee. I went there with one friendly Balinese guide. I was not a guest but as Japanese tourist I was allowed to enter but my guide was not. I got angry. But I entered alone and looked around the hotel few minute then took coffee at the lobby few minute. When I turned back I wrapped every peanuts on the table into a paper for a souvenir to my guide. After that I almost hate these areas and never approach there.

Origena said...

Yes, I've heard that kind of thing too. But the people at Dharmawangsa Hotel were actually friendly, and made us feel homey despite that it's an exclusive hotel. It's just that my friend and the bajaj's driver were not courageous enough to try :-D
And it's just my friend's antic too, stayed at the luxe hotel but took a bajaj :-D

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