So Much for Your Promises

Seems I have to start to find another cake shop now after some disappointing fact with Bakerzin service at Plaza Senayan.

I ordered a Mango Mousse cake for my Mom's birthday, but I asked them to make it less sweet. The head of the staff (I supposed that because she's not in uniform) told me that they might try to make it if there's no stock available. Her reply confused me. I thought since the cake was pre-order 24-hours in advance, it should be fresh then.

She said that they stock cakes every 2 days, so they would try to fulfill my request if it's possible. She continued telling that the cake would still be fresh even if it's 2 days old since they put them in a frigde. I still didn't like the idea, because for me logically any cake that is garnished with fresh fruits on its top should always use fresh fruits only. Besides the cake uses some easily spoiled fruit like star fruit, and of course mango.

I told her the reason why I wanted it to be less sweet is because my parents
have diabetic –which is true, although mild diabetic- and to be honest, other than that reason –now that I heard that 2 days-old cake fact- I just wanted a fresh cake with fresh fruits.

She quibbled that I better ordered the cakes made
especially for the diabetic people, pointing three choices of diabetic cakes. Oh, and so she they could clear off their stock cake? But of course I didn't say that, instead I told her that mango cake was the only cake that we wanted from there, and it's true, we always have had mango cake for most any celebration at home.

I couldn't get her guarantee on the cake freshness, but since I needed it for the
next day and I couldn't remember any other cake shop at that moment, so I carried on it.
I only asked them not to put the cake on the display –which they usually do- and this time they didn't argue me but the first response from that manager was funny. She said “oh of course, you don't want your Mom to see it when she picks it up.” Before I was out of my amazement hearing what her just saying, she seemed finally aware of her own weird statement.

The actual reason why I don't want them to put the cake on display before the picking time because once I spotted a flying insect on the display. I already told the waiters there once or twice about my experience since they tried to debate me when I asked them to put my cake in the fridge before I picked it up. It's not a fly, but still this is not a cheap cake shop as it pronounces on its website: It wasn't long before we became well known for our exquisite desserts. By 2000 it became obvious that the time was right to cater to the more upmarket palate.

Of course who said money can buy cleanness? :-P

Actually this also proves my suspicion about the cake and the fruit decorations freshness there because last June this year I also pre-ordered one mango cake and coincidentally my brother bought the same kind of cake from the same place and we picked it up at the same day and they were for the same event. I don't remember which one, but one of the cakes had a fresh mango and strawberries while the other one didn't look so fresh.

So much for your promises. Disappointing.

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