Tiny Wonder Frog

At first I didn't really pay attention when I saw a tiny frog –or maybe even a baby– down on the bottom side of one of the walls that surround our property. The wall where the tiny frog clings on is 4-meter height, the frog's size is a little less than 3 centimetre in length, and it's very thin too. Therefore it never crossed my mind that the tiny frog wants to climb that wall. I thought it's just wanna exploring its world like toddlers and puppies who are always curious about anything.

Guess that I'm wrong. I don't know how long has it been exactly when I pass that wall again, but I don't find the frog there anymore. I am a bit curious because the frog is so tiny and also, sorry to say, it looks actually a little bit disgusting (disgusting is not the proper word though, I just can't think of another word right now).
Disgusting because its skin is like having been peeled off!!
I've seen a few kinds of frog, but I have never seen a frog like this before.

Finally I can spot that tiny mutant; it is on its way reaching out the top of the wall, freestyle climbing. I start to feel awestruck, and I am rushing to take my camera and to come back immediately.
I feel that I need to document it.

Unfortunately I'm so unskilled at handling a camera and my camera battery is running out. I use the maximum zoom to capture that tiny frog and I don't know anything else.

I already rotated this digital video result with this deciphered manual.
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