I like u Crazy

It all began with me wanting to embed song to my posting, and for that I need a simple slim player. Google search showed me some sites and at first I actually like very much the one from tutorial for flash mp3 player that's originally made for Wordpress but has been tweaked for Blogspot or Blogger. I don't know what is wrong, the player doesn't show up even though I think I have followed the instruction as it's written.

So I moved on to another suggested site and take a look A Little Flash mp3 Player. It's simpler and the player is even much smaller and can be inserted into a sentence. For example: I want to say I like u crazy, you crazy!

There's a shortcoming of this player though; the volume cannot be adjusted, and when someone click the words or the song name rather than the green triangle then it won't play the song instead it'll open a page of the player alone.

Btw about that song, I read comment tread of that little flash mp3 player and one of them mentioning another mp3 player called Streampad and there how I found the song and it ended up here cos I like it very much. Happy December to all.....first of December already.....Christmas is near and so the end of this year is too.
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