Thanks. No.

sxc.huI guess though we've been living with internet and email for years already still not many people really know how to use email correctly. Not many of them realise that in this age that we live now, email address is like our home address. Well, not literally, but hey email address is something private too. Who want to have their inbox get inundated by junk emails from spammers?

I don’t understand every time I receive a mass email with all email addresses in the "To" line instead of "Bcc," I wonder why the sender never think that s/he actually already exposes those email addresses –including mine- to people who are stranger to each other? Of course I don't mind if the other receivers are also my friends. Even though maybe all the friends of my friends are no spammer but who can assure there's no leak to spammer?

What a coincidence last night on one of my blogwalk stops I found something handy, and just now I receive that kind of email again from a friend.
I guess it's a perfect time to shoot the first missile: Thanks. No.

Those who still don't know the difference between "To, CC, BCC" have to educate themselves with this Email Etiquette.


Judith said...

Great post! Exposing your contact's e-mail addresses is a serious breach of trust and privacy!

I have several articles on the topic on my site you might find helpful:

Don't Brush Off Privacy

Irresponsible Forwarders Exposed



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