Giveaway: Laptop

I'm sure whoever gets The Thinking Blog 1st Anniversary giveaway will be like having a jolly Christmas present because the winner will be announced exactly on December 25th 2007.

Just look at Ruff PC laptop pictures: water and mud is all over it yet it's alive.
It's because Ruff PCs are designed to expect rough –or even the harshest, like its site mentions- environmental condition such as -20°C and 55°C temperatures, as well as shock, vibration, humidity, drop, grease, water and fire.
It is indeed a rugged computer which does not only make its notebooks as spill proof notebook, but maybe –as seen on the picture- shower proof notebook too
This giveaway is valid worldwide, so I'm trying my luck by posting this good news and crossing my fingers now.

I am curious about the fire thing, too bad the video about its toughness is not yet on.

etc ♥ emoticon : moargh
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