I'm not being nice

This is from today's random chat on Skype. I rarely use Skype though. If these days I've started to use it again, it's because for a silly reason. I join this Lost frivolously and I thought I could experiment a bit with it on Skype. In other words I use Skype random chat feature to expose it, after all I hardly meet someone who really wants to chat from Skype random chat, most of them are just actor wannabes.
I get so far only three or four to join, but got a lot of zanies offering flowers, weird things, and weird chat as usual.
This following one is none of the above, but it's just my silly way of responding :-D
So I got contacted by this person whose profile saying: Expat in Jakarta...(NO SERIOUS LADY ALLOWED).
Notice that he uses capital there.

This is the transcript of the chat:
boy: 10:03:54
me: 10:04:26
boy: 10:04:52
Hi... where is Nomadic?
(he's asking me this cos I write on my profile, my city is Nomandic)
me: 10:05:35
in the dictionary
boy: 10:05:58
very funny
me: 10:06:23
:D thanks

and he's gone silent for good...., must be because dictionary is a serious word ;-D
Photo by giuvax
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