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Now almost every blogs have ads on them -at least Google adsense- and the latest trend currently is blog advertising. Bloggers write reviews about services or products and they get paid to blog for that. Many advertisers seem to like to advertise on blogs, probably because blogging has become influential on the internet, it's like the voice of internet culture.

Bloggers can grab the opportunities by joining Smorty like what I have been doing now.
I signed up with Smorty almost two weeks ago, got my blog approved right on the following day and immediately took one of the available opportunities. Every submission will have to wait five full days before knowing what fate might come around, either get accepted or rejected.
I'm happy that my first assignment got approved, so that means there will be a payday in a week because Smorty pays bloggers weekly. It's still a small amount, but it's nice that my blog can earn me $ :-D

So far –on Google- I read mostly positive things about Smorty, they do pay bloggers, so let's continue to blog for money. Oops, my materialistic side is revealing now :-D Hello there...

Photo by kissthis
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