They Say I'm a Monkey

Not me of course. Who dares to call me that way eheheh.
That's the title of the newest Indonesian movie that's not yet released for public screening. I got an invitation from a friend to watch the premiere screening of "Mereka Bilang Saya Monyet" -the title in Indonesian, and it was yesterday on 27th December.

As I already expected, I didn't enjoy it. Still too many clich├ęs like Indonesian movies in general, and their actings are mimicking. I didn't see the supposed characters appear on the movie, I felt just like watching those actresses and actors playing roles. Too many unnecessary shouts. Why in Indonesian movies, angers are always represented with actress or actor shouting? I don't want to write more here, it would be a spoiler to the movie. All that I can say, yes I recommend the people in Indonesia to watch this movie, but I thank God I didn't have to spend a rupiah to see this movie. thing to be taken into notice, who are 'they' in that title? I think there's only a 'she' who calls her monyet.
So far 'Berbagi Suami' is still the better Indonesian movie.
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