Lost in UK

Amongst many beautiful countries in the world, I do have my own favourites. They -beside my own country- are Italy, United Kingdom, and Japan. Everyone might agree with my choices, except about Britain.

Aren't the people as cold as the weather there? No, they are not, they have their famous British jokes and I do enjoy watching their Little Britain series.
Other than that there are a lot to see and to experience in UK. I remember my friend and I loved to take a train and go without really specific destination across the UK from one town to another town. We did get lost once or twice but people there were helpful too. Once at a station when we missed the last train to go back to the city where we stayed, an officer or police –I don't really remember- offered us to stay for a night at the waiting room, but we were even luckier when our British friend didn't mind to drive us almost in the middle of the night to another station to catch the train.

Of course since things in UK are not really cheap, that kind of rashness is not recommended. Actually even if it's cheap, it's always better to have some information before set foot in any destination.

If I ever visit UK again, I would first check available resources. Like if I want to surf the cool nightlife in London, I would search about London Hotels to make sure that the hotel is near the hip clubbing areas. I would also first check some Edinburgh Hotels to avoid fully booked situation in peak season like when Edinburgh Military Tattoo Festival is around. Speaking about Scotland, I think everyone should not miss Glasgow too. I went there and visited that beautiful Glasgow Willow Tea Rooms which was designed by the well known architect, Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1904. So a search for Glasgow Hotels is a must too.

I'll be back...one day ;-)
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