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creative ads inviteRecently I've been starting putting some ads on my blog, and joining some get paid to blog thing or Advertise on Blogs. I think I need a new way to blog since I always feel reluctant writing all the time about myself :-D and this has caused this blog not always updating. Get paid to blog gives me topic to blog and the best thing is my words are the $ ;-)

So far I have started with Blogvertise and they're quite fast in approving my registration and giving assignment. I think I got my first after one day of joining, and I should have done my second assignment have I not been too busy tweaking -on the sense of rearranging achieve, ads places, and small bits only though- and putting this new template. There are some other distraction too, I've been searching the net about any other similar programmes and found some. Can't give them any reviews yet, but there's this one website -a popular website too- that seems having problem with certain browsers, a bit annoying. I did get responds from its costumer service about that though, but its website interface is a bit confusing too or maybe it's because of that browser problem?

Then I came across another similar programme that I at first was interested in joining it, until I got to its registration form. I immediately knew, the site should be a product of one neighbour country if not my own country. Why? Because they're asking about what is the participant's race and religion. Lol. What do these have anything to with our ability to blog? I don't understand. Is it a dating site or a paid to blog site? Or maybe it's trying to combine them :-D

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