New Look for Christmas

It's already Christmas season, time to change template for Origena.
Though at first I felt reluctant to replace the Foliage template that I'd been using in more or less two years. It's a unique and very well design template. However its dark colours sometimes look depressing, and the Ajax top menu sometimes crashed, causing Origena don't perform well all the times. I did think many times to freshen up Foliage with my own choices of colours and illustrations, but I'm good at procrastinating as always :-D

I chose to find free good template designs, and showed me Mashable posting about 50 more beautiful blogger templates. I'm liking templates made by Blogandweb, and Magazine Style of Jackbook. I previously had installed that Magazine Style template for my other blog, but I find it hard to follow its instruction, so it didn't really work well.

It's funny that I could install templates from Blogandweb -a bit more- easily thought the instruction is in Spanish. Maybe it's because I never really actually read any instructions thoroughly. Finally after trying some templates from Blogandweb, I decided to install Plantilla Blogy Mosaico, and it's done pretty fast. The problem were -and some are still- the tiny but essential bits of blog, such as the meta tag, feedburner, and some other more nitty gritty. The biggest obstacle is, I don't know at all about the coding that new Blogger has now, so it's really annoying.

Luckily there are many great hacks and tips available on the net from generous Blogger experts. Without their instructions, this Origena would dress improperly :-P
Grazie a tutti.
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