Song to Be Born

Would never known how hard it is to write song lyrics before helping a friend on his lyrics.
He's making a beautiful piece which is still raw, but it already has the power to control because I listened to the song many times and didn't get bored.

It's not my song and it's not about me, but still it makes me excited since he has trusted me to review his song and to allow me to make some suggestion. We are just online friend, I could just 'steal' his unnamed song, disappear from our circle, copy the song and claim it mine. I guess he perceives me as a genuine person and banks on my refined musical taste ;-P
It's an honour for me helping him writing on his lyrics, unfortunately English is not my first language. Song needs not only English but contented words, so I suggested him to read some Pablo Neruda's writings first instead.

I hope he can match the tunes with the perfect words, and I will have a new popstar or rockstar friend from........soon! See, I'm not genuine at all :-D
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