When My Heart Finds Christmas

Nothing is more special about Christmas than the Christmas itself, not the old Santa Claus, not the presents, not anything else because Christmas is already the biggest present given by God. I didn't have Christmas wish list but I did made some wishes when I attended a Christmas celebration of my Church on 20th December.

Some of my Italian friends whom I chat with on Christmas Eve were expecting Christmas dinners with their families but no such tradition in my family, and I chatted 'til around 1am -which means Christmas day already.

Got awakened by a massive noise thunder around 3am, I woke up saying God, and I don't know why I thought about doomsday directly. Then I told God something like ooh.....please God this is your birthday, and I got back to sleep :-D

Now, on officially Christmas day. Something did happen. One of my wish did come true and it means a lot to me. Thanks Jesus, I love that surprise. Still, nothing is more special than the Christmas itself.

And this is a wonderful song for the jolly holly season from Harry Connick, Jr I pray on Christmas

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