Ever Wonder about this Picture?

I used to wonder whenever I pop in a blog that has nice images to complement its postings like what DoshDosh.com has. How to find that kind of images for my blog?
Then I noticed that Dosh Dosh uses images from Flickr.
That interesting, I didn't know that we can use images from Flickr for free, until I found A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images from Skelliewag.
So start from 30 Dec 2007, I have been using images from Flickr to adorn my blog entries.

Here's a shortened version of that guide:
1. Notice the Creative Commons or copyright license of the image.
2. Don't use the copyrighted or All Rights reserved ones, you need permission from the author.
3. For hassle-free one, just look for Attribution Licence because this licence allows the images to be modified and to be used commercially or non-commercially. This Flickrcc -posted by one of the commentators there- is a good handy source of that kind of licenced images.
4. Do not forget to put a credit by linking back to the author whenever you use a photo.

To get a clearer and thorough explanation, just check A Complete Guide to Finding and Using Incredible Flickr Images, but basically those four steps are enough.
Photo by scragz


Reward Rebel said...

Valuable snippet of info, thanks for sharing. Altho it's nice to use our own photos and pics, how many of us are able to keep that up? That's apart from being talented enough to produce worthwhile handiwork;-D

Origena said...

I'm lucky enough to find that article on skelliewag.org, and Flickr is a showcase for some talented photographers. Thanks Reward rebel :)

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