If You Were A Song

Thank God for my mobile phone, thank God for the internet, thank God for everyone who like to blog, otherwise I wouldn't know this very sweet song that I listened through CnJ radio when I was in the car yesterday. I typed some words from the song on my mobile phone while listening to that an unfamiliar but a very nice song, and voila, Google does its magic again.

That breezy romantic jazzy like song is "If you were a song" and it is sung by an Australian singer Mark Sholtez, not by a female singer like what I thought before.
Mark Sholtez seems don't make available or don't distribute the music video of this song on the internet. Youtube only has a video clip based on If you were a song music, made for VH1 India video promo that channel.

For now I can only listen If you were a song from the MP3 player on the Myspace site of Mark Sholtez, and try to sing a long a bit with its lyrics:

If you were a dream
I wonder how many hours I’d sleep
How hard it would be to wake up and how easy to fall

If you were a dream
There would be nothing else I’d want to see
No reason ever have opened my eyes at all

♥ If you were a song
Every word would be etched in my memory
Every note of the delicate melody would be there in my head
If you were a song
I would practice you night and day
Until perfectly I could play you by heart

If you were the sun
I couldn’t bear have a cloud between us
I’d search for a place where they say that the rain never falls

If you were the moon
Every night my eyes would be fixed on you
Never closed for one moment from dusk 'til the first light of dawn

...back to ♥ twice
For everyone who is currently fall into the great thing called Love ;-)


Dave said...

This is my favourite song!! Great feel and beautiful lyrics. The only place I've been able to get a copy of it is from a compilation CD called 'Smooth Jazz Cafe 9'. Cheers!

Aliya said...

Super!Обожаю эту песню!Будем ждать новых песен.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark!
Really wonderful lyrics and melody!

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