A Pheasant in a Waiting Room

A woman: tell your Mom to eat, she hasn't eaten since before.
A girl : I did ask her but she's lost her appetite.
Another woman : oh well, just show a chunk of money in front of her face, she would eat.

Part of conversation I eavesdropped in an ICU waiting room. There were a bunch of ladies blabbering while accompanying their friend (? or relative) whose husband just got malpractice. The middle-age lady who didn't want to eat is the wife.
The late 50 year old chat-active woman who said about that money thing is one of her mob members, or it seemed so. They were there with their other four or five friends, but that chatty lady was the prominent one and she reminded me of a pheasant. She seemed very excited, like waiting for a lottery drawing.

She asked her friends twice or so, where will be their next eating-out, while the others were talking about the bad luck that's just struck their friend's husband.
That husband of their friend was supposed to get appendectomy, but what happened was the doctor just cut the vermiform appendix a bit, tied it and then folded it up! I couldn't really follow what's going on, but that procedure has caused the husband to be taken into ICU.

Photo by BobMacInnes
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