Play to Save Shelter Pets

It says that every correct answer feeds a hungry shelter dog or cat. So please, spare a little time to help those poor animals by playing the trivia.

I went to an animal shelter twice. I saw many dogs and cats there, for me as a dog person, all dogs are cute and for the cat person, all the cats there must be cute too.
I could hardly believe that people have heart to leave those pets there, for goods.
I spoke to the staff there about some Siberian Huskies that I saw there, he said they were left by an expatriate who went back to his own country for good.
Poor dogs, after the honeymooney times they're just left behind.
Why would someone buy pet/s if at the end left the pet/s?
Dog is a very faithful creature, they will be very sad if they must separate with their human.

My friend once adopted a dog which was left by his human who's back to his country. This dog was very friendly but quiet. One day my friend took the dog to dog salon to get groomed, as he was leaving the salon the dog suddenly went howling frantically and trying hard to follow him. It's really moving, seemed that the dog was scared to be left again.


xplorio said...

i do it!! :D
and i send this link to my friends. hope be better ....

Origena said...

Thanks!!! Who else can take care them if not us the human. Pets make human happy, too bad some humans are not responsible for their pets.

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