Rejoice all the dogs

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I don't know how and why I love dogs a lot, and even though when I was a kid I was bitten by Lassie -my first dog- once, that has never traumatized me. This fondness of dogs somehow puts me in misery every time I hear bad things happen to dogs.

But I'm dog-less now, simply because I still can't bear to lose a dog after -on 22 January- three years ago I lost Zippo. I had lost 4 dogs to death before Zippo, but all the four dogs –except Kam Kam- died because of old age. Kam Kam died at the age of 3.5 months, after a small quarrel with the 8-years old Jenghis, my other dog. No, Jenghis didn't bite him, but it seems the quarrel had dispirited Kam Kam, and what made it worst was that we took him to a wrong vet. I said a wrong vet, because when we brought Kam Kam there he tried to sell us a puppy. We said no because we already had 2 dogs but he kept insisting. Who wouldn't get annoyed when taking a sick puppy to a vet and the vet, instead of taking care of the puppy first, he’s offering another puppy for sale. He gave two injections for Kam Kam and the next day Kam Kam passed away. Later I heard horror stories about that vet from my friends, but thank God not long after his place was closed for good.
It's tragic that Kam Kam died at a very young age, but at least he didn't look suffered.

Zippo died at the age of 13, and he died in pain because of a malignant tumour :-(
Once a vet said that Zippo had a strong heart, means he's a very strong and healthy dog, that before he got the tumour. Even when he's sick and hospitalized, it needed 4 men to tame him.

Here are the dogs who used to fill my life with lots of laughs:
Lassie – a mixed-Pekingese, went to dog heaven at the age of 3 years
Condore von Nakia – a boxer, went to dog heaven at the age of 8 years
Bruno von ? - a boxer, we only got him for a month and we returned him back to the kennel because he's limping and the kennel knew how to take care of him better. He's around 2 months young.
Kam Kam von Kalaidoskop – a boxer, went to dog heaven at the age of 3.5 months
Broni von Bangun Baru a.k.a Jenghis – a boxer, went to dog heaven at the age of 10 years
Zippo – a mixed Labrador, went to dog heaven at the age of 13 years.

Now, for the question "Do dogs go to Heaven?"
Read this religious story from Pope of the Pope!

Photo taken from The right second - the dog on the right looks like Zippo when he's still healthy


lamiable said...

your photos are wonderfull!
i think that a life without a dog or a cat around you could be tediously :)
i have an ugly cat (her name - Zomby :D), the most tender cat in the world, and two dogs, also tender and ... littlebit crazy ... :-P
and yes! i can't live without them ...

Origena said...

Thank you Lamiable :)
Yes it's indeed tediously, I miss to have dog, but I'm still not ready to lose one again.
Oh and the pic is not mine, but I got it from my stumble-upon time, and I put link to the owner as a reference :-)) Check it out, the person has other very interesting photos

Ali Raza said...

Great article and i really like that type of articles because i love puppies. If you shared your article on social media i think you get thousand of likes. Thanks for sharing :)

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