Wiki for Shopper

After the ado about wikipedia and some other wikis, here comes Shopwiki.
According to wikipedia, wiki wiki is a Hawaiian word for "fast." With that saying therefore, could Shopwiki mean shop fast? :-D

That could be true, since customers can find fast certain product by putting the keyword in Shopwiki search engine. The coaction of its web-crawling technology and consumer-written wiki will only bring out impartial and selective choices of products for consumers. Consumers can easily personalise the search by adjusting a price or price range, colour, brand of the products that they are looking, or consumers can just search for certain keywords if they are not yet sure what they're looking for.
For instance, sport lovers may use keywords such as team sports, and the engine will show various kind sports. If they click any of the sports, let's say Baseball and Softball, it will take them to a thorough result about the supposed sports where they can find valuable info before they shop.

However don't put the word Football if what you mean is the football in Europe, because the word football in Wikishop will show rugby sport.

Photo by jmv
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