A Stylish Sucker

It sounds like a joke when something which really sucks can inspire a fashion god such as Issey Miyake. Dyson did it when Dai Fujiwara, the Creative Director of Issey Miyake, hooked him for a collaboration work.

I'm talking about Dyson the dirt sucker which was invented by James Dyson over 14 years ago -who has since then kept developing his ranges of vacuum cleaners. His belief that design must goes well with the function combined with his thirst for innovation, has granted the world with stylish looking vacuum cleaners which are powered by Dyson important invention in vacuum cleaners world, the powerful cyclone technology.

For more information about Dyson hookup with Issey Miyake, just browse Dyson.co.uk. The site also covers all the necessary about Dyson vacuum cleaners such as its history, its various models, its online store that facilitates its customer and Dyson users to find Dyson spares and accessories, and -do not miss- its telescope game and ball game.
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