Stop Domestic Violence

I don't join this contest to win the prize, I join this to win Artconstellation's attempt to get people awareness on domestic and sexual violence. I've been a follower to her blog since I found it through Entrecard. It's hard to say that I love her drawings and paintings, cause most of them are products of her past life-stories and her past life stories are not things which are desirable. I wish that she did not have to have that life. I envy her ability to turn her nightmares of her dark past life into valuable arts.

I hope her contest will re-awaken people awareness of the latent violence within families that happen but many are ignored. I hope the law can really bring justice to women and children, which has not yet happened in my country. I don't know if the organisation like Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network really works well in the USA. In my country the alike organisation seems don't work cause the government only open half of one eye for women and children abuse issues. We're not either 'lucky' enough –though lucky is not actually the proper word at all- to have organisation like the National Sexual Assault Hotline that can be reach anytime by calling 1-800-656-HOPE or 1-800-656-4673.

However from the International Domestic Violence Information link that Artconstellation provides on the contest, can be found some similar organisations for women and children in Indonesia, I didn't know many of them before.
Come on people, let's spread this contest.

Photo by Eljee
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