About that picture

I did a mindless mistake when I posted one of Scragz's photos for my post “Ever Wonder about this Picture.”

Luckily Scragz sent a comment last night for that post, here it is:
Creative Commons is the best...but watch out! The link to my photostream is wrong and the Commons Cops will soon be at your door.

At that point, I was not sure what mistake that I've done, cause I followed Skelliewag's tips on using photos from flickr.
I then click his Blogger.com profile to contact him, but it's not publicly open. So I clicked the link that I used for that photo, of course I went to the wrong person and I was lucky too that I couldn't find how to contact the person otherwise I would confuse him cause it's not his photo at all. I browsed his photo collections a bit though in order to retrieve that photo, again of course it's never there.

Finally I noticed what's wrong, the person who contacted me is Scragz and the link that I used has different flickr id.
Felt a bit relieved that I could find how to leave message to Scragz, I explained the purely accidental mistake and apologised for that. Feel completely relieved that he actually never mind the use of that photo, with the correct link credit of course.

Here's his reply:
Use it, please! Just fix the link. It's really not a big deal; I thought
it was kind of funny in the context. ^^

Grazie Scragz :))
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